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L. Burke Files leads the due diligence, investment, investigative, and research side of We Unfuck

Who is L Burke Files?

As a finance and corporate world insider, Mr. Files is keenly aware of the types and accuracy of the information required to make informed and timely decisions, and he brings this into the venture arena. For nearly three decades he has worked as a knowledge specialist in international finance and due diligence working on projects in over 100 countries. Previously, he was a partner in a regional business, finance, and securities consulting firm. He has served as the director of corporate finance for an investment banking company and the principal of a business and venture capital consulting firm. Mr. Files continues to serve on Boards for private companies working in international finance, due diligence, and Anti-Corruption.

These and a multitude of other experiences provide Mr. Files with a broad and exceptional knowledge base and contacts in the international finance, and corporate worlds. He has received a Commission and a Medal of Merit from the President of the United States is an award-winning author and is frequently sought out by media as a quotable and reliable source. When you meet him, you will no doubt enjoy the warm and distinctive personality that has led to his nickname.

Mr. Files currently serves; on the Management Committee of INTERFIMA, Luxembourg, Co-Founder of the International Due Diligence Organization, President of the American Anti-Corruption Institute, and President of Financial Examinations & Evaluations, Inc.

Specialties: Due Diligence and Financial and IPCI (Intellectual Property and Critical Information) Investigations, domestic and International.

Also writing and presenting related material

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